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javascript subnet calculator
The funny thing about a JavaScript Subnet Calculator is that JavaScript integers are only 16 bit [1]. In order to do easy bit shifting you need 32 bit integers. This code weaves it's way through that issue by storing IP address octets in arrays with 4 integers. View source to see/grab the code.
You can use CIDR Netmask in the Network IP field (eg: Change the network class, network IP, subnet mask, or number of hosts to trigger calculations. This code does work on most browsers including Chrome , FireFox , Safari , Opera , Android , iPhone , iTouch , Blackberry and even Edge & IE .
if you want to know more about the devices on your network, try my new MAC Address to device vendor page.
now using bootstrap 4.
[1] most browsers are supporting 32-bit integers nowadays. the current code supports basically every browser. code may be updated to test for safety and use bit shifting when IEEE-754 is available.